The Historic Sarasota High School

Sarasota High Scool


The Ringling College of Art and Design is raising money for its planned Sarasota Museum of Art, an adaptive reuse of the historic Sarasota High School. As part of the fundraising, sculptor Patrick Dougherty was invited to construct one of his stick sculptures on the front lawn in full view of the busiest road in town.

The sculpture is magnificent, but in these two photos the partially and colorfully boarded up windows on the old school steal the show. The old building stands there as a symbol of history — and also of change, aspiration, and imagination.

Sarasota High School

Building Blocks

A Map of the World

map of the world

Map of the World

We’ve applied geology, engineering, chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences to the study of our earth. But there is so much more to this ball of rock and water we live on.

This map of the world gives a sense of interconnectedness and beauty, while the image below suggests the intensity of processes that take place within. While science and engineering have taught us a lot about Mother Earth, remembering that at her heart she is not so unlike ourselves might teach us even more.

internal volcanism

Internal Process

Bob’s Boathouse

On a stump

Bob’s Boathouse

Along Tamiami Trail on Florida’s Gulf Coast there is a deep parking lot with old derelict boats scattered around between the parking spaces. Some are on stumps, others stuck in the ground pointing skyward. Perhaps they have been put there as decoration, or perhaps to help you find your car after a long day (or night). The sign out front says “Bob’s Boathouse,” and indeed there is an establishment set way back from the road, near the water’s edge.

Some checking revealed that this is a relocated restaurant that has been wanting to reopen for a long time, but has been stalled due to county requirements. On the day I was there, a bulldozer was at work in one corner, so perhaps things are moving again.

Much of Florida has been taken over by the new, the sleek, and the homogenized. In the midst of all this ordinariness, the originality of Bob’s Boathouse parking lot stands out. I, for one, hope it will stay.

stuck in the ground

Hard Aground

Sometimes the Little Things

dolls in a row

Sophia and Friends

People often do not have any larger message in mind when they do some of the “little things” we see each day — just as nature is not trying to make a point as the sun sets over the ocean. Yet most of us claim a right to attach meaning to the setting sun. So should it be different for the simple actions by our fellow man?

At one of the “white tent” craft shows held in the park downtown, there was a booth with dozens of small furry stuffed creatures hung on rods in in long straight rows. Some had darker fur, others lighter fur, some with long ears, some with short. But they all wore the same dress, each with a different girl’s name stitched onto it. Each by itself was cute in a way, but the effect of the group display was disquieting.

Elsewhere, a jumble of translucent plastic life-size bodies, some red, some orange, some un-colored, and all in various expressive poses was heaped in a corner of a parking lot next to a stack of plastic chairs. Perhaps they were waiting their chance to dance and shout in the spotlight, or perhaps they were done. In any case, they were still speaking to anyone who would listen.

body discards


Picasso the Dog

Picasso the Dog

Picasso the Dog

While visiting Georgia, I met Picasso the dog. He was out enjoying the fall afternoon. Old and wise, from a distance he almost looked like a lion. So his portrait was a must, and happily, he agreed.

The second image, below, is not from Georgia — nor is it a dog. It may be a bubble, an idea, a possibility floating, waiting to burst or become something more. What is it for you?






Two images, both inspired by natural forms. But more important, after a short hiatus to tend to other matters, perhaps the seeds for the next chapter. Stay tuned!

fire behind the cellophane

Fire Behind the Cellophane

Staying in Touch Left and Right

eye of the needle

Through the Eye of the Needle

Having been away for a while doing some left brain work with words and schedules, I travel back to the right from time to time to stay in touch with the truths that only the right brain knows.

One lesson learned is that in any pursuit, some contribution from each can be key. While the left brain can keep us on schedule and govern the craft, it is the intuitive right brain that gives the directions and says “stop” when something is done.

And so it should be in art, in politics, in science and life.

Feeling Koi - 2012

Feeling Koi

With Head or with Heart?



It is said that some people think with their heads and others with their hearts. But it’s really so much more complicated than that, isn’t it? In making a decision, or just trying to understand the world, one can be logical, emotional and intuitive in different measures all at once.

There is also creative thinking, analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, science-based thinking, thinking that relies on authority. And of course, there are those times when we will let new facts, insights, and new ideas in, and times that we won’t.

It can be useful — and also one of the joys of sentience — to understand the changing mix of influences on how we each understand and relate to the world.



An Obama Event


The Candidate

Regardless of one’s political persuasion, there is something to be said for experiencing a major campaign event. This one last June in Tampa was held in a community college gymnasium with a standing-room-only crowd. It seemed there were more people waiting in line than the place could ever hold.

The press of humanity, the excitement and energy in the room, the warm up acts, the sound system, and the candidate’s charisma all worked to make it a powerful experience, almost like an old rock-and-roll concert, but without the music.

These few images are not meant as reportage, but simply one person’s impressions of the day.

The Crowd

The Crowd

The Watcher

The Watcher

Making (up) the News - in Red

The News, in Red

Ballerina on the Wall

Ballerina on the Wall

Ballerina on the Wall

The City of Sarasota commissioned artists to paint murals on the walls in each elevator lobby in the new Palm Avenue Garage. “Ballerina on the Wall” is my impression of a small part of “Dance” by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. The ballerina was waiting demurely in the stairwell, a surprise and contrast to the mottled concrete walls. There are many more pictures of the murals, both in process and complete, on the architect’s Facebook page. Take a look!

“That Rooster Thing” is from a local farmstand. That rooster was there among the shoppers, standing proud, looking ready to let out a rooster roar!

Just Like a Chicken

That Rooster Thing

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