Glacier Bay, Alaska

Welcome to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Southeast Alaska. Although accessible only by air and sea, a chance to visit the 3.3 million acre preserve should not be missed.

Fairweather Range from Glacier Bay, Alaska

Fairweather Range

The day these were taken began with heavy fog and mist that lifted, shifted and settled back in again several times during the day. The mountains and even the sea would be fully shrouded for a while, and then the fog would gradually lift revealing perhaps just the ice scattered on the sea, or perhaps a mountainside and glacier before closing in again.

250 years ago, glaciers covered the entire bay, but now one must travel as much as 65 miles up to the head of the inlets to see the face of tidewater glaciers that barely touch the sea. The experience reset my sense of scale, of awe — and of loss.

Fog over Glacier Bay Alaska


Lightening Sky, Glacier Bay Alaska

Lightening Sky

Meltwater into Glacier Bay Alaska


Lamplugh Glacier (1), Glacier Bay Alaska

Lamplugh Glacier (1)

Lamplugh Glacier (2), Glacier Bay Alaska

Lamplugh Glacier (2)

Glacial Ice


Mountain Glacier, Glacier Bay Alaska

Mountain Glacier

Glacier Bay Alaska

Iceberg and Sparkling Bergy Bits

The Fog Returns to Glacier Bay Alaska

The Fog Returns

Bergy Bits and Growlers in Glacier Bay Alaska

Bergy Bits and Growlers

Hidden View, Glacier Bay Alaska

Hidden View

7 Comments on “Glacier Bay, Alaska

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  2. These photos brought back our trip to Glacier Bay in 2006 when our daughter, Emily, was working there that summer. It is an AWESOME place, stunningly beautiful.

  3. The pictures of Glacier Bay seem to quench my thirst today and inspire me to get painting again.

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