Naturally Abstract


Through the Looking Glass

At the beach, in the park, or even in the alley behind the abandoned warehouse, step through the looking glass. You never know what you might see!

Behind the Facades

It’s always worth a look behind the facades to see what’s happening in the alley. These images all came from a one-block section of alley in the heart of downtown Sarasota, Florida. In addition to the now-defunct “Golden Apple” dinner theater, they show the backsides of a few of the city’s finer restaurants, a brand new parking ramp, and some graffiti on the back…

Messages from the Garden

There is so much to be learned from a garden — just by looking and listening. The swelling flower bud is ready to burst with life and color, the orchid invites us in, while the bamboo sends some symbolic message for us to take home to decipher. Each plant has it’s own voice and the messages change with the seasons.

A Map of the World

We’ve applied geology, engineering, chemistry, physics, biology and other sciences to the study of our earth. But there is so much more to this ball of rock and water we live on. This map of the world gives a sense of interconnectedness and beauty, while the image below suggests the intensity of processes that take place within. While science and engineering have taught us…

Picasso the Dog

While visiting Georgia, I met Picasso the dog. He was out enjoying the fall afternoon. Old and wise, from a distance he almost looked like a lion. So his portrait was a must, and happily, he agreed. The second image, below, is not from Georgia — nor is it a dog. It may be a bubble, an idea, a possibility floating, waiting to burst…

With Head or with Heart?

It is said that some people think with their heads and others with their hearts. But it’s really so much more complicated than that, isn’t it? In making a decision, or just trying to understand the world, one can be logical, emotional and intuitive in different measures all at once. There is also creative thinking, analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, science-based thinking, thinking that relies…

Sunburned Canoes

Myakka River State Park is just inland from Sarasota near the west coast of Florida. It is a wide and shallow river basin with two lakes, the river, and a large forested area. The forest is thick and can be dark and damp underfoot, with palms, oaks and a canopy made dense with spanish moss and other epiphytes clinging to the branches. In the…


There are many ways of seeing, sometimes with just the eyes, sometimes with the mind, and sometimes even more deeply. And what we see with our eyes may be different from what we see with our mind or our heart. As with life, art is about finding meaning among the fleeting visions.

A Modern Fireplug in the Weeds

Next to a modern glass office building on a busy street was a small patch of weeds about the size of an executive’s desk. In the center stood a shiny brass fire hydrant. It looked almost like it had been put there on display, as though this were some sort of zoo. Urban details like this often provide visual clutter rather than interest. But…