Picasso the Dog

Picasso the Dog

Picasso the Dog

While visiting Georgia, I met Picasso the dog. He was out enjoying the fall afternoon. Old and wise, from a distance he almost looked like a lion. So his portrait was a must, and happily, he agreed.

The second image, below, is not from Georgia — nor is it a dog. It may be a bubble, an idea, a possibility floating, waiting to burst or become something more. What is it for you?



4 Comments on “Picasso the Dog

  1. Oh, I love PIcasso, the dog! A wise and faithful friend he looks to be. You did an excellent job on his portrait.

    And, “bubble”, completely engaging. First thought, the corona on the shape of an idea just before the synapse of enlightenment. A little far out, I know, but it really got to me!

  2. Thanks, Melinda. It’s hard not to like that dog… His owner, an artist by the way, every day would put him in the car and take him to his favorite places to walk. With care like that, no wonder he’s so wise and faithful!
    I like your interpretation of the “bubble”. Not so far out, really… it has multi-layered meanings like that for me — one could even tell stories.

  3. That is a nice dog.

    I’m usually pretty good at seeing something in your abstracts, but I’m stymied on your “bubble”.

  4. Thanks, Ross! Yup, that dog was a nice big furry mellow monster. And the bubble? Well it’s just a bubble… or whatver you make of it!

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