Bob’s Boathouse

Along Tamiami Trail on Florida’s Gulf Coast there is a deep parking lot with old derelict boats scattered around between the parking spaces. Some are on stumps, others stuck in the ground pointing skyward. Perhaps they have been put there as decoration, or perhaps to help you find your car after a long day (or night). The sign out front says “Bob’s Boathouse,” and indeed there is an establishment set way back from the road, near the water’s edge.

Much of Florida has been taken over by the new, the sleek, and the homogenized. In the midst of all this ordinariness, the originality of Bob’s Boathouse parking lot stands out. I, for one, hope it will stay.

Bob's Boathouse parking lot

Stumped at Bob’s

Smile at Bob's Boathouse

Plantings at Bob’s

Bob's Boathouse in Sarasota

Hard Aground at Bob’s

Entry to Bob's Boathouse

Welcome to Bob’s

Bob's boathouse in Sarasota

Bob’s Boathouse

2 Comments on “Bob’s Boathouse

  1. When will you be opening? I drive by everyday on my way to work with hopes you will be open!!

  2. It doesn’t look good for Bob’s any more. If they are not going to come out- you can’t stop them.

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