An Obama Event


The Candidate

Regardless of one’s political persuasion, there is something to be said for experiencing a major campaign event. This one last June in Tampa was held in a community college gymnasium with a standing-room-only crowd. It seemed there were more people waiting in line than the place could ever hold.

The press of humanity, the excitement and energy in the room, the warm up acts, the sound system, and the candidate’s charisma all worked to make it a powerful experience, almost like an old rock-and-roll concert, but without the music.

These few images are not meant as reportage, but simply one person’s impressions of the day.

The Crowd

The Crowd

The Watcher

The Watcher

Making (up) the News - in Red

The News, in Red

6 Comments on “An Obama Event

  1. wow! gorgeous images, don! your obama pic is a showstopper!
    the ‘watcher’ is intense! the expressions of the couple in the foreground in ‘the crowd’ are priceless. and ‘the news, in red’ is
    a glimpse into what the newswatchers dont see. i think these are fantastic. i think you have another potential career here, campaign art photographer, the eye that captures the mood

  2. Thanks tipota! These were fun to do, and the whole event really was an experience. Not so sure about the new career part of it though! I think we all see a little differently, more acutely, when we are put into an new environment like this.

  3. ‘The News in red’ I really like that the light on her left side is beautiful and the surounding colors really complimentary. ‘The Watcher’ very intense a feeling of saftey surrounds. Beautiful portraits!

  4. Thanks Starla! I have a couple of pictures of the “newsmakers” all with that kind of lighting. In fact the lighting in the room was part of what made the scene. Harsh and intense — not soft mood lighting!

  5. Beautiful images! How exciting an opportunity. You were there?! I am envious, you know, if you were. I really love them all–the way you filled them with a shimmery quality suggesting an intense and historical moment.

    Okay, okay. Did you get to shake the President’s hand?

  6. Hi Melinda! Yes it was very exciting. Every person crowded into that gym was sooo… UP! And of course, Obama is a supremely talented speaker. At ease, connecting with the audience, etc. If you ever have the chance, go for it. But, no. No shakey hands. We were so close, but just one row back from the rope line.

    It was interesting working with the images, trying to use similar technique and style so they would hold together as a group, and do more than just report.

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