Sunburned Canoes

Sunburned Canoes

Sunburned Canoes – 2012

Myakka River State Park is just inland from Sarasota near the west coast of Florida. It is a wide and shallow river basin with two lakes, the river, and a large forested area. The forest is thick and can be dark and damp underfoot, with palms, oaks and a canopy made dense with spanish moss and other epiphytes clinging to the branches.

In the summer it rains a lot, and being inland away from the sea breezes, the Park is often hot and humid. While this may be uncomfortable for us, it is perfect for all manner of plants and animals to thrive — alligators, snakes, fish, birds, deer and more. It so seethes with life, even the canoes seem alive!

Myakka forest

Forest Lights – 2012

4 Comments on “Sunburned Canoes

  1. Wow, Donald! I’m enthralled by Sunburned Canoes! You’ve been very successful in abstracting while maintaining the essence of the little boats.

    Good work!

  2. Thanks, Melinda! I enjoyed making that one too, and once I had the color, that title just became obvious!

  3. Both are beautiful and I could imagine seeing them hang on a wall. I really like the movement and the colors! I enjoyed checking out the website. Our forests over here seem similar very dark and wooded with lots of moss. They seem inviting, but also scary at the same time. Feels like you could run into Hansel and Gretle at any moment.

  4. Thanks Starla! You’ve probably got bears in those woods, we’ve got snakes and alligators! Knowing those things are there makes them all the more interesting!

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