Growing Things

With the world in turmoil, take a moment to contemplate the innocent but sensuous beauty of growing things. Rather than an escape from reality, a few moments spent with the beauty of nature can be a source of balance and peace, and perhaps provide some of the wisdom needed to discern what is right.

Sensuous green and red peppers

Three Peppers

red pineapple at selby gardens

Red Pineapple

Cushion plants


Golden Bromeliad

Golden Glow

Hibiscus Flare

Hibiscus Flare


Golden Inflroescence

purple pendulum

Purple Pendulum

orchid power surge

Power Surge

Seeds at Selby Botanical Garden


florida succulents

Succulent Stairs

4 Comments on “Growing Things

  1. WOW! beautiful pictures, and you are sooo right. Nature has it all.

  2. Nature is gorgeous and where Im especially convinced of God’s presence. Your work with it is stunning! Thank you for sharing.

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