Ballerina on the Wall

Ballerina on the Wall

Ballerina on the Wall

The City of Sarasota commissioned artists to paint murals on the walls in each elevator lobby in the new Palm Avenue Garage. “Ballerina on the Wall” is my impression of a small part of “Dance” by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. The ballerina was waiting demurely in the stairwell, a surprise and contrast to the mottled concrete walls. There are many more pictures of the murals, both in process and complete, on the architect’s Facebook page. Take a look!

“That Rooster Thing” is from a local farmstand. That rooster was there among the shoppers, standing proud, looking ready to let out a rooster roar!

Just Like a Chicken

That Rooster Thing

7 Comments on “Ballerina on the Wall

  1. Thanks, tipota! They do have stories. I’m not quite sure what they are, but I guess that’s the point!

  2. Wow! Really impressive work. I did take a look at the architect’s fb page. Quite stunning. Thank you for sharing the images.

    Love that rooster. Could the rooster be saying, C’mon already, make up your mind and buy something!? I like how the image is broken up, a bit like a collage, but not.

  3. Hi Melinda! Well, that’s sort of what I was saying about the shopper! Ha! Thanks so much.
    As you can imagine, there have been plenty of conservatives howling about the city spending money to commission these murals — but they sure make the ramp a happier more interesting place that it would be with nothing but bare concrete. And that’s worth a lot.

  4. Yes, they howl, not knowing or caring that art feeds a civilization and that every product we use has been designed by someone. Well, then they want a beautiful city to attract more business! Do you think they just want artists to work for free? I kind of do…

  5. Looks great! I really like the emotions created by that the ballarina on the wall art work. The colors of the rooster are so vibrant I like that as well. Looks like a fun project working on a mural.

  6. Hi Starla! Thank you! I didn’t see the murals in progress, only when finished, but from the pictures it lookes like fun. There is also a chalk festival here, that has expanded to include mural painting on some blank walls around town. Fun to watch!

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