Attack of the Blue Feather

A feather was lying along the path through the woods. It was large and beautiful, and had belonged to one of the birds that lived there in the trees. When I brought it to the City I quickly learned it did not belong here. You can see what happened and the message it left.

The Tallest Building - Dubai's Burj Khalifa

Walls and a Fence

There has been a lot of talk about walls — and one wall in particular — lately. As it happens, I’ve been making images of walls lately, too. Below are a few. As you look at them, consider these things about walls (and fences). They can keep us out … or in. They separate us from others, but can also protect us from harm. They…

New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is a rich mix of the modern and the old, of wealth and poverty, of music, historic buildings, a new flourishing arts district, and all the good and the bad of the culture of the Deep South. In areas like the French Quarter the excitement — and sometimes drunkenness — of the tourists floats like a thin sheen over the hardships…

A View of the Vue at Sarasota Bay

Urban Dreams

There is plenty to see and wonder about in most urban places. Behind the scenes in the alley there may be places of rest, or of mystery. And the busy street may hide a surprise for the attentive imagination. It pays to keep one’s mind and eyes open.

Beauty and the Blight

Much of modern American commercial architecture is a study in faceless anonymity once you remove the trademark pasted on the front. Some might say it is a blight upon the landscape. But look again and see how the light hits the surface, the details of decay, the geometric composition of shapes and colors. One can find interest and beauty amid the blight, all of…