A Neighbor’s Wall

I never thought much about this wall until the windows were covered and the contrasts between the stucco’s color and texture and the bare plywood came alive. I see that wall differently now.

Urban Dreams

There is plenty to see and wonder about in most urban places. Behind the scenes in the alley there may be places of rest, or of mystery. And the busy street may hide a surprise for the attentive imagination. It pays to keep one’s mind and eyes open.

Through the Looking Glass

At the beach, in the park, or even in the alley behind the abandoned warehouse, step through the looking glass. You never know what you might see!

Beauty and the Blight

Much of modern American commercial architecture is a study in faceless anonymity once you remove the trademark pasted on the front. Some might say it is a blight upon the landscape. But look again and see how the light hits the surface, the details of decay, the geometric composition of shapes and colors. One can find interest and beauty amid the blight, all of…

The Mall at University Town Center

A new enclosed shopping mall has been built here in Sarasota. All over the country malls are struggling, being re-purposed or abandoned. But here a new one just opened. It is big. It is new. It is filled with things from other places. They call it “University Town Center”. It is near University Parkway, and in the center of a very large parking lot,…