With Head or with Heart?



It is said that some people think with their heads and others with their hearts. But it’s really so much more complicated than that, isn’t it? In making a decision, or just trying to understand the world, one can be logical, emotional and intuitive in different measures all at once.

There is also creative thinking, analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, science-based thinking, thinking that relies on authority. And of course, there are those times when we will let new facts, insights, and new ideas in, and times that we won’t.

It can be useful — and also one of the joys of sentience — to understand the changing mix of influences on how we each understand and relate to the world.



4 Comments on “With Head or with Heart?

  1. Amazing colors combinations! I also really like the white in Focus just beautiful.

    I think lately I have had the challenge of expanding from just the joy of creeativity into the other parts worrying about details, focus, editing, more editing. Learning that each detail in the process plays a role. Trying to put it all together like each instrument of an orchestra hoping that the finial outcome will make sense. Sometimes lately it feel a little bit like patting my head and rubbing my stomach. Or maybe like a one man band.

  2. These are beautiful images–thoughtfully worked, with a sense of all that you discuss in your post.

    We used to measure intelligence with a pretty rigid construct, but not anymore. I’m glad, because as artists we know that intelligence is a gestalt of data collection, emotional connection, and careful analysis. I think time is a factor as well. Some things take time to understand. That can even result in a bit of wisdom! All these elements come together to produce a mature artist with insight, don’t you think?

    I’m especially drawn to the second image. It’s very strong!

  3. Hi Starla, and thanks! Those details are important, but just don’t let them get you down! The patting your head and rubbing your stomach is a good analogy. Makes me smile.!

  4. Thank you, Melinda! Yes, I agree with what you say about our various intelligences (no there is not just one!), and the importance of time — in understanding life and art. Put all these elements in a pot, heat them up with a bit of passion, and voila … !

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