Sometimes the Little Things

dolls in a row

Sophia and Friends

People often do not have any larger message in mind when they do some of the “little things” we see each day — just as nature is not trying to make a point as the sun sets over the ocean. Yet most of us claim a right to attach meaning to the setting sun. So should it be different for the simple actions by our fellow man?

At one of the “white tent” craft shows held in the park downtown, there was a booth with dozens of small furry stuffed creatures hung on rods in in long straight rows. Some had darker fur, others lighter fur, some with long ears, some with short. But they all wore the same dress, each with a different girl’s name stitched onto it. Each by itself was cute in a way, but the effect of the group display was disquieting.

Elsewhere, a jumble of translucent plastic life-size bodies, some red, some orange, some un-colored, and all in various expressive poses was heaped in a corner of a parking lot next to a stack of plastic chairs. Perhaps they were waiting their chance to dance and shout in the spotlight, or perhaps they were done. In any case, they were still speaking to anyone who would listen.

body discards


2 Comments on “Sometimes the Little Things

  1. I agree with you Ross, and that’s why I took the original photos. Funny thing is, while there were lots of people around, nobody else seemed to think a thing of it… In fact, I got odd looks for taking the picture.

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