Staying in Touch Left and Right

eye of the needle

Through the Eye of the Needle

Having been away for a while doing some left brain work with words and schedules, I travel back to the right from time to time to stay in touch with the truths that only the right brain knows.

One lesson learned is that in any pursuit, some contribution from each can be key. While the left brain can keep us on schedule and govern the craft, it is the intuitive right brain that gives the directions and says “stop” when something is done.

And so it should be in art, in politics, in science and life.

Feeling Koi - 2012

Feeling Koi

4 Comments on “Staying in Touch Left and Right

  1. Beautiful written, Donald. I’m glad you know the balance and are taking the time to honor both your left and right brain. It shows in the beautiful work you produce, and I know that it shows up in your left brain endeavors.

    Love “Feeling Koi!” And, “Through the Eye of the Needle” is has quite the mystical expression to it. Oh, so true it is, the challenge of walking carefully and in balance.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    I’m sure most artists have the same experiences from time to time, but it is interesting when the challenge of maintaining balance is shoved in your face so directly! I think when I was working in my 24/7 job, I never had time to think about what I was missing.

    Thanks for visiting and your always helpful comments! I like “feeling Koi”, too. Somehow it’s a happy piece.

  3. I agree “feeling Koi” is a happy piece very beautiful. “The eye of the needle” to me is very stoic and strong.
    Learning Balance I think creativily for years I just followed my joy without really worrying about details. The last year I’ve been giving more effort and thought to the details. I use to think if I spent too much time on the details it would kill my creativity, but now I’m learning the right and the left brain can take turns. Balance in all things like you said is a good thing. :+)

  4. Hi Starla, and thanks! Glad you like the koi! It’s a rather trite subject… so I tried to do something a littel different with it.. You are so right. Balance is a good thing — not always easy, but good!

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