The Historic Sarasota High School

Sarasota High Scool


The Ringling College of Art and Design is raising money for its planned Sarasota Museum of Art, an adaptive reuse of the historic Sarasota High School. As part of the fundraising, sculptor Patrick Dougherty was invited to construct one of his stick sculptures on the front lawn in full view of the busiest road in town.

The sculpture is magnificent, but in these two photos the partially and colorfully boarded up windows on the old school steal the show. The old building stands there as a symbol of history — and also of change, aspiration, and imagination.

Sarasota High School

Building Blocks

2 Comments on “The Historic Sarasota High School

  1. Very cool photos.
    I wish I had gone to a boarded up school: “oh, it’s still boarded up. better take the day off again.”

    note: is a boarding school a boarded up school when it closes?

  2. There you go with that English language stuff again, planetross… boarded up school, boarding school, boarded up boarding school, or just plain boring school… Thanks for the visit!

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