Illumination — 2012

There are many ways of seeing, sometimes with just the eyes, sometimes with the mind, and sometimes even more deeply. And what we see with our eyes may be different from what we see with our mind or our heart.

As with life, art is about finding meaning among the fleeting visions.

Red Dot Chevrolet

Red Dot Chevrolet — 2012

6 Comments on “Illumination

  1. i absolutely love “illumination”. just perfectly right there. subtle and intricate, it has a powerful vision with a light hand, and it is gorgeous

  2. Thank you, Tipota, for that high praise! I like it too. It’s odd how “Illumination” lingered around for several months, not seeming quite right, not interesting enough to show. Then I decided to take another swipe at it, made a few simple changes and presto — now I can’t imagine why I had ignoried it so long! It does light up the page.

  3. Very wise words, Donald.

    Artists seem to see on many levels, all at once, don’t we? And sometimes, we don’t want to see so much.

    I think I’m drawn to “Red Dot Cheverolet” because I was once a car person. Well, and also, I really love the composition and high contrasts.

    Great work!

  4. Thanks, Melinda. I like your thought that “sometimes we don’t want to see so much.” And for the car person in you, it was a 1953 Chevy pickup. Never knew they had so many curves!

  5. I actually really like going to car shows not for whats under the hood, but for the colors and the lines of the cars. When I look at some of the cars they are like art to me with lots of beautiful lines. I also like really nice paint jobs on the old cars seems strange, but true.
    Beautiful pieces above. I think art is like life and life situations there are many layers and we can make that choice as to how deep we want to go a gift on each layer.

  6. Car shows are fun, just for that reason, Starla. Some awesome photos have been taken at them with all that color, chrome and swooping lines!
    You’re right, we live on many levels… Thanks!

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