A Pink Pelican and a Line to Cross

Pelican Dance

Pelican Dance – 2012

A pink pelican seems to dance atop the turquoise-green water, while in town those in charge have installed a line that begs to be crossed, yet no one does.

Such is life in this well-behaved coastal town.

A line to be crossed

A Line to be Crossed — 2012

4 Comments on “A Pink Pelican and a Line to Cross

  1. I really like the “Pelican Dance.” And, the second one, “A Line to be Crossed,” is most intriguing. I’ll bet there is quite a story there. Fabulous color!

    Excellent work, again, Donald.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    I thought that “Pelican Dance’ was fun, too. And nice colors… Funny about the colors. I think the change in environment is still working its way into my palette.
    The “line to be crossed” is certainly not “pretty” or decorative art, but as you say, intriguing and raising a question or two.
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Isn’t it interesting the different colors in different places. It’s taken me awhile to see the shades of Central Montana. It’s taken me awhile to appreciate the colors. The Pelcan Dance beautiful soft pastel shades. The second one is thought provoking. It’s interesting how well behaved people can be when asked to with a caution tape. :+)

  4. Hi Starla. I’m glad you like these. Yes, every place has it’s colors — even, or maybe especially, the wide open spaces of Montana. As for people being well-behaved, we Americans are particularly so, almost as an obsession. In many places a little yellow tape would mean nothing!

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