A Modern Fireplug in the Weeds

Modern Fireplug in the Weeds

A Modern Fireplug - 2012

Next to a modern glass office building on a busy street was a small patch of weeds about the size of an executive’s desk. In the center stood a shiny brass fire hydrant. It looked almost like it had been put there on display, as though this were some sort of zoo.

Urban details like this often provide visual clutter rather than interest. But this fireplug in the weeds became the inspiration for two very different reflections on an urban landscape.

Fireplug in the weeds

In the Weeds - 2012

6 Comments on “A Modern Fireplug in the Weeds

  1. It is always fascinating for me to learn how artists view their surroundings–what catches their eyes. These are both wonderfully personal and relatable.

    Nature has a way, doesn’t it of making its own statement as it surrounds manmade objects.

    The second image is particularly alluring to me. There is a glass-like quality that I find incredibly beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Melinda! These were both fun to work on — partly because the process on each was very different. The layering of smooth glass-like transparencies in the second one is something I haven’t worked with in a while.
    The interplay between the natural and manmade is such a fascinating subject — for art and for our culture — but is so often overlooked in our daily lives.
    Thanks again for your support!

  3. love the way you handle the composition in these and of course as always the color is beautiful. a shape like the swirl to me is very
    unpardoning in a frame, while it is supposed to dominate it cant do it even just a tad too much cuz of balance and stuff like that, but you have done it so well here, kudos!

  4. Thanks so much, tipota. Yes, it is hard to give a swirl lasting interest because it is such a strong form… something universal in that concept isn’t there? Thanks for visiting. I must return the favor!

  5. Beautiful works amazing very 3 demensional. I also really like the glass quality of the second image, chrystal clear and sharp colors. I really like the colors of each image as well.

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