Back to Nature

Floating over the green

Floating Over the Green – 2012

The shapes and colors of natural things have always been an inspiration. Sometimes it is useful to return to that source to regain perspective on our modern world.

Hibiscus Flare

Hibiscus Flare – 2012

5 Comments on “Back to Nature

  1. MMMMMmmm that the sound I made when I was looking at this post. Like a good dessert! Beautiful, that second one is that for sale? One of these days I hope to have the money to purchase one of your fine works of art.

  2. That’s good one day when my money situation has improved my goal is to buy one of your fine works of art. Choosing just one that is the hard part. It still may be awhile as the whirling pit of bills seems to suck most of our stray cash at this point. But, I have high hopes. :+)

  3. I love both of these, Don, but that hibiscus knocks me out.

    Looking forward to more.

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