In the Courtyard


Lattice - 2012

A courtyard can be a magical place — outdoors, but enclosed and private, even in the center of the city. In many ways, the more urban the surroundings, the more magical that bit of private space and greenery seems. These images from a small courtyard here in Sarasota celebrate some of those feelings.

Someone's at the Gate

Someone's at the Gate - 2012

5 Comments on “In the Courtyard

  1. Wow! You’ve out done yourself with both of these beauties. I absolutely love the magical presence in the first one. And, in the second, there is an intriguing, mystical persona that has a very interesting suggestion of narrative.

    Really. Wow.

  2. Thanks, Melinda! I appreciate your comments on both. It’s funny how sometimes things just seem to “work” — and at other times one can struggle and still produce work that is strained and flat. One clue for me is (or should be) the struggle, which often results in something overworked, without the spontaneous energy that gives life. These both came easily. Thanks again!

  3. I agree with the first commenter. Amazing work I’m still shaking my head so beautiful! Isn’t that interesting to find such beauty in an urban setting. I think thats one thing I’ve learned from viewing your work is to be open to finding beauty in unsual palces. Also that one photo can create a lot of different emotions. Thank You for that.
    Your work actually has inspired me in many ways. :+)

  4. Well, thank you, Starla. Im glad you enjoy these pictures. There is a fair share of ugliness in the world, but there is plenty of beauty, too. And sometimes you just have to dig a little to find it!

  5. I’m greatful for the beauty in the world. I’m learning to see the beauty in things that I may have once over looked.

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