Two Views of One Place

Behind the Palm Avenue Garage

Behind the Palm Avenue Garage - 2011

The qualities of a built environment have a lot to do with how people feel about a place.

The alley behind the new Palm Avenue parking garage is wide, clean, new, and bordered on each side by towering walls of concrete. Looking down this oversized tunnel one is greeted with a surprising view of the run down and graffiti-graced backside of a Main Street gallery. Are you repulsed or drawn toward the light?

1367 Main

1367 Main - 2011

4 Comments on “Two Views of One Place

  1. I’m enjoying both of these images, yet the second one is particularly intense and interesting. The yellow graffiti seems to dance across the top as the red light seems to wink at its passing. Guess I’m adding my own narrative, but the juxtaposition is wonderful.

    Beautiful work!

  2. Thanks Melinda! Great narrative of the dancing graffiti! I think the composition in the second one is stronger, and fewer elements may help, too. I seem to favor the abstraction inherent in the urban environment. The top one may not be fully cooked yet… Thanks again and good luck on the weekend’s events!

  3. I’d walk down that alley.
    The backsides of buildings are usually more interesting than they frontsides. … I don’t know about the sidesides though.

  4. Hi planetross… just like the bear who went over the mountain to see what’s on the other side. Why is it that the backsides are more interesting than the front? Too clean in front? Thanks!

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