Horizon Line

White Birds at Siesta Key

White Birds and the Sea - 2011

Looking out over the calm gulf waters at the distant horizon, the bands of colors across sky and sea are gently meditiative. Objects in the foreground may come unglued and seem to float. It can be worth a few minutes to let them.

A light at the end

A Light at the End - 2011

11 Comments on “Horizon Line

  1. ‘white birds and the sea’ is pure poetry, and ‘light at the end’ sparkles. such a pleasure to see these!

  2. Your beautiful work provides this viewer with a moment of meditation. I agree with tipota. “White Birds and the Sea” is poetry.

    The land tells us, as you convey in these images, that nature holds steady and we all have an opportunity to adjust, rest, move forward, and let go.

    Excellent work.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Melinda. You are right… that is one of the messages we can receive from the land if we are open to it. Nature, with all it’s changing moods, nevertheless holds steady. Your beautifu paintings of the mountains and desert speak to that, too.

  4. I love how on the bird photos, the birds look like they’re standing still, yet everything else looks like it’s in motion. Wonderful.

  5. Hi Katie,
    Maybe those birds are really moving along with us, but everything else is standing still and blurred by the motion! Whatever, they seem to be in a different realm. Thanks!

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