Light on the Water

Early morning, and the sun begins to lighten the sky at the Audubon Society’s Venice Rookery. Most people come to see the birds roosting on the small island in the middle of the pond. And the birds are wonderful, as they come awake, squawking and beginning to feed their young.

But so is the gentle rise of color as the sky lightens and reflects off the water. Enjoy this other bit of magic, too.

Between me and the island

Between me and the island



Sometimes the Light Is Everything

Sarasota High School

High School Doorway

I’ll admit it, the doorway to the old Sarasota High School doesn’t always look like this. But maybe it did just for moment as the afternoon light glanced off the stones — even though the doors are locked, the students elsewhere and the old building sits empty awaiting its destiny. That flash of light invites the question of how it looked to the generations of young students who walked under that graceful arch on their way to learning about life and becoming adults.

Sometimes the light is everything. In the late afternoon, low dark clouds began lifting off the horizon at Coquina Beach on the south end of Anna Maria Island. As the bright light from the sun first began to illuminate the Gulf, the green water shone like an emerald chasing away the dark.

Coquina Beach Anna Maria Island

Afternoon Clouds at Coquina Beach

Celebrate the Light

Breaking Free

New Light - 2011

After the darkest day has passed, it feels right to celebrate the light. Just as the return of the sun will bring spring, honoring the light within can feed our sense of wonder.

May this season and the New Year bring wonder and light to everyone.

Light within

A Light Within - 2011

Two Views of One Place

Behind the Palm Avenue Garage

Behind the Palm Avenue Garage - 2011

The qualities of a built environment have a lot to do with how people feel about a place.

The alley behind the new Palm Avenue parking garage is wide, clean, new, and bordered on each side by towering walls of concrete. Looking down this oversized tunnel one is greeted with a surprising view of the run down and graffiti-graced backside of a Main Street gallery. Are you repulsed or drawn toward the light?

1367 Main

1367 Main - 2011

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