Singular by the Sea

Red Beware

Red Beware! - 2011

Two singular items. Their colors and shapes speak. Does it matter what they are, or is it better just to wonder what they might be?

Bird Key Beach Ball

Stone Ball in Sand - 2011

4 Comments on “Singular by the Sea

  1. No, it doesn’t matter if I know what these singular items are. I’m enjoying their presence.

    I really enjoy them both for their strong composition too. Very in-your-face immediacy.

  2. Now that I think about it, everything I see has a shape … unless I’m standing really close to a wall. freaky!

    Not knowing what something is, is sometimes better: life needs some mysteries.

  3. Hi planetross,
    Or how about in a deep fog… not many shapes there either.
    I agree, life needs some mysteries, that way the imagination can soar! Thanks!!

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