Celebrate the Light

Breaking Free

New Light - 2011

After the darkest day has passed, it feels right to celebrate the light. Just as the return of the sun will bring spring, honoring the light within can feed our sense of wonder.

May this season and the New Year bring wonder and light to everyone.

Light within

A Light Within - 2011

8 Comments on “Celebrate the Light

  1. Oh, I see such painterly qualities in these two images! Really beautifully worked. “A Light Within” is particularly evocative. I really do sense the newness of light in the first. Well done.

    Let’s hope our darkest days are behind us and we can see more light for the entire world as we go forward.

    Warm light and hugs from here.

  2. Hi Melinda! Glad you like these. This is something new I’ve been working on.

    I too hope that our darkest days are behind us… My best to you.

  3. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

    note: I see a very hairy naked lady in the second image … or maybe a cat.

  4. Thanks, planetross… yes, a great holiday season. Now, a hairy naked lady? I knew the image was suggestive, but i wasn’t expecting that. … but now that you say that….
    Thanks for visiting!

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