Floral Expressions

Orchid Mind

Orchid Mind -- 2012

The Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, Florida has a world-renowned collection of epiphytes, including many species of the orchids and bromeliads that inspired these images.

There were yellows, reds and greens in abundance on this warm spring day in March, and the dramatic showy inflorescecne of the bromeliads complemented the more delicate and complicated statements by the orchids. As the days pass and seasons change, different plants burst into bloom, so a visit to the Garden always holds something new.

bromeliad inflorescence

Inflorescence -- 2012

4 Comments on “Floral Expressions

  1. Fascinating! I clicked on your link and read about these plants. I did not know about them, even though I’ve seen them before.

    You really have caught their sense of energy and brilliant colors. Nicely done. I can see that you could go back many times, getting new inspiration.

  2. Thanks, Melinda. Yes, the Garden has lots of strange and wonderful plants, from the meat-eaters to the air breathers. They remind me some of the equally strange plants and beautiful colors one finds in the desert in the springtime.

  3. There both Great! Flowers are wonderful muses. The colors are bright and beautiful. Lots of movment dancing flowers. Are you doing shows in Florida?

  4. Thank you, Starla. Yes, flowers have movement and character. No solo shows here in Florida, but I have been in several juried group shows — with a few awards, even! Thanks for asking!

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