Two Feet Down and a Light Dancer

Two Feet Down

Two Feet Down - 2012

A journey into abstraction is an experiment in using color, value and texture to reach for meaning beyond the literal.

Some art can be enjoyed for the pure pleasure of the color and form. At other times a work can also draw the viewer into the process of finding their own meaning. While both responses are valid, is one more lasting than the other?

Light Dancer

Light Dancer - 2012

4 Comments on “Two Feet Down and a Light Dancer

  1. It’s a really good question. I think with abstact Art both are valid. I use to do watercolor abstract art. I had several pieces hanging in a place. I was suprised when a person walked up to me and told me that they really “Got” my work. They proceeded to explain to me each piece. I was amazed at their take on my work. I’m not sure which would be more lasting a person finding their own meaning from the work of art or just enjoying the color for the color’s sake. As I’m writting I think the first, but it’s not in stone.

  2. Your comment makes me chuckle, starla. Sometimes when people say they “get” your work, they really do, but sometimes you just wonder where they are getting it from! I agree there’s no real answer to the question… sort of depends on the person.

  3. What a good discussion here. I, too, have had people explain my work as they see it, and am quite fascinated by how different their perception is. I enjoy that.

    Here, you’ve made it very accessible for your viewer to find meaning and enjoyment. They both seem meditative to me.

    Love your comment, “…just wonder where they are getting it from!”

  4. Thanks, Melinda. I think one of the great things about most art is its ability to be interpreted by the viewer. There can be ambiguity, but also some hints so the viewer is not totally lost. It really is fascinating to hear what people say — and sometimes one can learn a lot by listening!

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