A Fence and a Bench at the Celery Fields


Fenced - 2012

Looking down the grassy slope, the wooden fence and shaded road beyond were a reminder of how fences can bring a sense of safety, but also restrict freedom of movement — and perhaps even thought.

As counterpoint there was a simple bench made of new wood sitting high on the hill overlooking some ponds from a circle of white stones and shells. The bench seemed to reach to the sky in the breeze. That connection with the sky and the expansive view of the horizon recognized no boundaries.

cross winds

Cross Winds - 2012

[Note: The “celery fields” is a local park created out of an old landfill and a series of county flood control ponds. The covered landfill creates an artificial hill overlooking the ponds that are home to many birds.]

9 Comments on “A Fence and a Bench at the Celery Fields

  1. I’t interesting how looking at each creates such a different feeling emotionally. The second is to me so Joyful and fluid dancing. I could look at this on for hours “cross Winds” Funny the Wind here has kept up for 3 nights Howling 50 mile an hour winds. Fenced 2012, feels like I’m standing still, very still as if I’m stopped in my tracks. Turn back, NO Trespassing!

  2. i love the abstract nature of these works, it seems like you have been exploring the colors and textures beneath the pixils and bringing those ideas to the fore – great, really great!

  3. Yes the wind does get tiresome here. Funny there’s two speeds of wind here full throttle or off no middle speed. I like the kitty cat header.

  4. Thanks, tipota. Perceptive as always! The challenge is to explore the colors and textures, without allowing the work to devlove into just eye-candy… in other words, to communicate meaning and feeling through those abstract elements. Not so different than poetry and painting with words.

  5. Your work is very painterly! And, that is what I so enjoy about it–the conversation between painterly, digital, and photographic elements.

    These do evoke an energy and specific moment of experience. I’m especially enjoying the first image. It seems like a very magical place.

    Looking forward to more!

  6. Hi Melinda, and thank you! It has been so interesting working on these new more abstract pieces, seeing the “conversation” and the meaning unfold. Some of them have been well received, too, so that helps! Even one sold to a person I’ve never met! Thanks again!

  7. Congratulations! That is excellent news. I hope you will continue to get new patrons. I think you’re having a great conversation with your work.

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