More on “The Kiss”

The Kiss Frozen in Time -- 2011

The images here are a more abstract follow-up to the previous post, which focused on the the somewhat controversial “Unconditional Surrender” sculpture by Seward Johnson.

The warm toned image above shows the sailor’s almost feminine closed eye at the moment of the kiss frozen in time. His eye is framed by other elements from the work — elements that suggest some of the strangeness one feels standing beneath this out-of-scale couple, looking up at their embrace.

The abstract below was inspired in part by the splash of red paint that had been used to deface the sculpture in what was probably a social statement, and by the emotional triggers being pulled.

Colors of the Kiss -- 2011

6 Comments on “More on “The Kiss”

  1. That first image feels almost like looking through multiple layers of glass with varying levels of opacity – very cool!
    I really like the abstract piece, too. It’s funny – When I was younger I wasn’t as drawn to abstraction as much, but it seems like the older I get the more I like it. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is very nicely done, sir! 🙂

  2. Hello, spilledink! I like your take on the first one with the frosted glass. Appreciate your comment. thanks!

  3. Donald, I’m enjoying your images and then your thoughts on your images and then your images again…

  4. It looks like a female eye in the first photo, but a male eyebrow for some reason. … I’m not trying to be sexist or eyeist or anything.

    note: people like throwing red paint on stuff more than other colours of paint when they protest stuff: red paint must be the cheapest.

  5. Hi planetross, you eyeist, you! Yes, red paint seems to be a favorite; maybe because it’s blood-like, or just because it’s red.

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