Bayside Shallows

Gulf shore beach

He Walks on Water -- 2011

By coming to Florida, we’ve traded the stunning Caribbean blue for a new emerald green. Each place has it’s own palette. The brilliant white sand, the sunlight shining through clear water, and the pure white snowy egret with his yellow feet stridng along the sugar-sand shore are part of the palette here.

What matters is not the colors or the subjects before us, but rather how we respond to them.

Anna Maria pier

Bayside Shallows - 2011

14 Comments on “Bayside Shallows

  1. Both fantastic, Donald. “Whites’ on”whites” has a pureness. (I’m fond of your title for it, too!) And the second is like having an instant dream holiday – for as long as one looks at it. (Thanks)

  2. Whoosh! Time flies and Don moves to Florida. I’ve been in the reeds far too long but by the looks of it your work has not suffered in the transition! Some lovely posts since you’ve uprooted! wow. moving. I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway, whoo whoo! Haven’t forgotten about you!

  3. Thanks Linny! Both these are fairly high key images for me, but I guess that’s what all that sunshine on white sand and water do. We’ve been walking the beach in the early AM and each time it is like a mini-holiday.

  4. Pat! Welcome back! My guess is you’ve been busy with your new enterprise. It’s taken a while to get back in the groove after relocating, but am glad you approve of what’s happening. Yes, moving is a lot of work — especially across such an expanse of water. There were more details to coordinate than you could imagine. Thanks so much for checking in!

  5. Succinctly put–our response is the important thing. I can see that you are responding beautifully to your new environment. These images are so strong in their sense of place, that I feel as though I’m there.

    I’m glad you’re settling in and that you’re carving out time to work. Best wishes as you go forward!

  6. Thank you Melinda! Yes, our response is what matters and drives us to speak in whatever language we can. Nice to hear from you!

  7. I like them both, but the egret is especially interesting. A very neat effect you’ve done with it.

  8. For someone who loves the ocean, I’ve chosen to live as far away from it as possible here. It just makes it more special when I visit it.

    The second image makes me want to quit my job and run off to tropical climes again.

  9. Planetross! So you ran off to tropical climes once before? Truly there is nothing quite like the ocean. It should be visited from time to time — and yes, when one is distant from it, that makes it all the more special.

  10. it’s true, it is about how seeing is and not about where it is. the palette is different, but also exquisite. the whiteness of the egret seems full of color, the colors of the sea and sky are gorgeous, and so much feeling in them, beautiful!

  11. Thank you, tipota! It’s funny how that egret seems so full of color. Sometimes less is more… So where does that “feeling” come from?

  12. hmm, good question. is it in the reactivity of rods and cones sparking up a stream behind the eyes? or is it maybe the association with calm cool water that the blues evoke…something just lovely and at the same time invigorating?

  13. Maybe a little of both, tipota. It seems that conscious efforts to inject “feeling” into art often end up seeming stilted and not genuine. But when it just creeps in there…

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