A suburban maze

Corridor's end -- 2009

What is at this glass corridor’s end? Is it the door to the vault where the secrets are kept? Or is it a way out, and with the right spin of the red dial the door will swing open? Or, is it the secret red button that when pushed will launch next wave to resolve the crisis? Whatever it is, I am not sure this is a place meant for people.

6 Comments on “A suburban maze

  1. It’s such an inquisitive door that … there must be something amazing hiding behind it! … or nothing
    … but it’s probably worth a look.

    This reminds me of the scenery behind whoever I was going to ask to dance at … well most times in my life.

  2. You know, planetross, what they say about curiosity and the cat? Maybe that goes for aasking those ladies to dance, too. That door — or at least the red knob — does look pretty important, though.

  3. Razzbuffnik, that’s it!! I had to look it up… but I used to watch that show. It must have been buried in my subconscious.

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