Trojan Ships

Trojan Ship - 2009

The cruise ships have returned to St. Croix. They arrive in the morning and disgorge their living cargo for a few hours ashore. Priorities are rearranged. New businesses spring up in an attempt to pry a few dollars from wallets. The ships are welcomed as a needed lift for the island economy, even though some activities threaten to destroy the local culture and natural beauty that many come to see.

Before sundown, the living cargo streams back to the ship’s hold in time for the evening feast, and the leviathon slips quiety into the evening almost as if it were never here. Almost.

Were they really here? - 2009

8 Comments on “Trojan Ships

  1. Oh, I love the perspective on the ship’s size and the dock’s activity! Beautiful. I’m a sucker for ships and trains.

    The second one, Don, confuses me a bit because of the abdomen or chest area of the man? I’m someone who never can figure out those figure ground things so maybe it’s me. Right now, it appears that the man’s torso is distorted and skewed or else he’s got a well a rather large breast OR there’s a baby’s head there with a big belly botton.

    Honestly, I need to get my eyes checked.

  2. Thanks, Robin. Glad you stopped by! It’s an interesting contrast between the tourists in the foreground and the performers behind them.

    You know Pat, those ships are so big, it’s been a struggle to capture. They just overwhelm everything else. Glad you like it! On the second one, the man really was rolly-polly with a magnificent belly-button, and he was parading around topless. I think he was proud of his physique! The double vision is my doing. I thought it might go away when I got new glasses, but apparently not. 😉 On the other hand, the breasts and the large flesh-colored melon that appears to be growning on his belly are no more distracting here than in real life. No need to check your eyes!

  3. I love the composition of the ship…it feels HUGE, and yet doesn’t overwhelm the picture’s space…really interesting.

    Wow too that I just read your bio that you sailed down there and moved there permanently. !!! one of my dreams…

  4. The first image is so painterly that at first I thought it was a watercolour.

    Whenever I see big guys without their shirts on, like the one in the bottom photo, I always marvel at how they have no problem with their body image. It’s a gift and I find it heartening.

    But I’m also saddened becauses his girth is going to cut his life short. I like his face and he seems like a nice guy.

    I guess big ships are needed for big people.

  5. Karen, thanks for your visit. Yup, dealing with that ship was a challenge! The islands have their warts, but it’s a paradise, too.

    Thanks, Razzbuffnik! These big ships seem to be teeming with big people.

  6. I’m a little less merciful against big fat people walking around topless after they’ve swallowed a trojan horse than Razzbuffnik.
    … but I think I’m just getting mean in the wee hours … or worried about him getting sunburn.

    Cruise ships serve their purpose: transporting people to cool places for small amounts of time … and then whisking them off to other cool places.

  7. Your worry about sunburn is well founded, planetross. People not accustomed to the tropical sun tend to “pink-up” incredibly fast — long before they realize what hit them.

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