Bride to be

she's lost her head!

Bride to be -- 2009

Nude mannequins in store windows may be an overdone subject (like sunsets, razzbuffnik). Nevertheless, the play of light and reflections in this upscale bridal shop in Florida were compelling. The contrast between the in-store lighting and the outdoor light on the dismembered mannequin gave her an other wordly look, echoing the contrast between the romance inside and the reality outside glimpsed in storewindow’s mirror.

15 Comments on “Bride to be

  1. Don, your digital art is superb!! I mean it man…..I’ve seen a lot of digital stuff and yours stands out……I would love to paint some of these… Bonnie, I see some fantastic paintings here….Thanks for visiting my blog…..I’m going to link you if thats OK….

    Cheers, RW

  2. Thanks so much, Robin. Of course, a link would be appreciated — and I will return the favor. I found it interesting that despite the different media we use, there are similarities in some of our works.

  3. I agree, this picture definitely gets the mind working. There is a story, but what is it? I like the bride’s glance toward the “disturbing” mannequin. The bride almost looks like an apparition. Great textures and balance with the blue color throughout the picture. Food for the mind, the senses, and the soul.

  4. Thank you, Catherine! I find myself searching for that right mixture of visual/decorative richness with story, mystery and meaning.

  5. Well realised.

    I like the way how the dismantled white mannequin is surrounded by all the rusty tones. Sort of like a nostalgic idea of the purity of marriage that has been disrobed and dismembered.

    I’m reminded of an Australian artist, Norman Lindsay’s etching called “to hell with fine sentiment”, which has a bunch of leering pirates looking up at a nude model standing on a table.

    Beauty in a dangerous context.

    Quite disturbing.

  6. Again Don, another dramatic image rife with symbolism.
    That your eye even noticed this says something about your eyes as viewfinder.

    And the eerie contrast of the warm colors inside and that stone blue mannequin is reason enough for any bride to ask herself if she’s absolutely sure she’s doing the right thing.
    Mind you, that right thing might be – should I be spending three thousand dollars on a dress I’ll be wearing for 4 hours, all the way to, Is this the right decision?

    It’s good to see you’re gaining some new followers to this blog. Deservedly so.

  7. Thank you, Bonnie! I often take photos just on an intuitive hunch, and discover later what themes to develop. But this one seemed rich with possibilities.

  8. A mannequin like that should be undressed regularly … or dressed unregularly … or something like that.

    I’d say very cool mannequin … from one mannequin photographer to another . hee hee!

  9. What’s a headless and armless photo of me doing on your blog, Diddams? I’m calling my lawyer. Salivation over a female form with body parts on the floor is just wrong, PR, just wrong I tell ya’.

    The digital Invasion art of the body snatchers.

  10. You never know where these pictures come from, Pat. As for planetross’s purient interests… well, I’ll let you deal with him on that.

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