Visions in Blue and Gold


Cauldron - 2012

When the image above first began to take shape, it seemed as though the weight of the air was pressing down, creating a pocket of intense heat. But that vision transformed itself and soon the calming blues were bubbling up out of that spot as if out of a cauldron heated by the earth itself, bringing light and a peaceful clarity. Letting the work speak for a while was important in knowing where to take it.

The same was true of the Golden Path, below. There really was a path of golden grasses snaking gently through some lowland held by the county for flood control. The s-curve with the blue water in the background called, but it took some time to hear.

Golden Path

A Golden Path - 2012

8 Comments on “Visions in Blue and Gold

  1. MMMmm really wonderful the light rising up and out from the first one into the blue sky. The deep oranges remind me of a hot glass blowing project also feels like the smoothness of glass. I use to do stained glass years ago. I miss working with all the colors and seeing the light coming through the glass.

  2. I like the 2nd image: blazing a trail to the ocean.

    … I can only see a cat wearing a “speedo” in the first image.
    Sorry, me bad.

  3. Hey planetross! Maybe that was the Roadrunner’s trail like in the old cartoons. Never thought of that until you said “blazing a trail”!
    Cat with a speedo? Oh boy…

  4. I see some very interesting new approaches here and they are remarkable. Both images have a strong confidence and focus. I think you’ve had some kind of breakthrough.

    They are both really good, and I love how the second one has an extra element of abstraction–a push and pull. Well done!

  5. Thank you, Melinda. Your supportive comments are always appreciated! Yes, it seems I am heading off in a new direction. The combination of hard-edge and soft edge abstractions in the second image adds interest, doesn’t it? And in both of these, I’ve brought a hint of the original photo back in.
    I’ll be interested to see where this experiment it goes from here!
    Thanks again.

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