Visions in Blue and Gold


Cauldron - 2012

When the image above first began to take shape, it seemed as though the weight of the air was pressing down, creating a pocket of intense heat. But that vision transformed itself and soon the calming blues were bubbling up out of that spot as if out of a cauldron heated by the earth itself, bringing light and a peaceful clarity. Letting the work speak for a while was important in knowing where to take it.

The same was true of the Golden Path, below. There really was a path of golden grasses snaking gently through some lowland held by the county for flood control. The s-curve with the blue water in the background called, but it took some time to hear.

Golden Path

A Golden Path - 2012

Under the Casuarina Tree

Breeze blowing through the Casuarina tree

Breeze through the Casuarina - 2010

The casuarina tree is not a native to the island, and some consider it an invasive. They are tolerant of windswept places and this large example stands along a windswept beach. Its leaves/needles are long, so when the wind blows there is a gentle soothing sound and the small branches sway like little grass skirts. When the needles fall, they form a barrier to other plants, so there is no understory of brush or other plants where these trees stand.

This barren blanket of casuarina leaves overlaid with several large decaying branches became the setting for the picture below. It was not a conscious intention that caused the palettes of the two images to be so similar. Instead, it was the feeling of each and what seemed to work best to communicate what appealed to me about each scene. It’s odd how that works…

Skeletal Remains - 2010

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