Cloudscapes from the Heartland

Golden Touch

Golden Touch - 2012

Cloudscapes from the Heartland are two more examples from a series of abstracts begun about a month ago. Originally meant to be evocative studies in color, texture and motion, some have become suggestive of landscapes and other scenes. Both of these images began as landscape photographs — one of Sarasota Bay in Florida, and the other of a wind generator in the flat lands of Iowa.

Compared to images with an unambiguous subject, abstract images can be more difficult for many people (perhaps most people) to appreciate and understand. One goal may be to find a middle ground where allusion to a subject adds substance and depth that complements the simpler pleasures of line and color.

Cloud Funnel

Funnel - 2012

(Three of this series of abstracts were among more than 300 pieces submitted to a juried show at Art Center Sarasota. All three were accepted, and one received an honorable mention from the jurors.)

10 Comments on “Cloudscapes from the Heartland

  1. Congratulations, Donald!! Your work (and words) are full of beauty, thank-you for sharing other ways to explore our world’s beauty!

  2. Congratulations Donald! These are evocative, and it is really wonderful that you received an honorable mention. I hope you have many people view and enjoy your work.

  3. Thanks so much Linny! I think each person has a unique way of seeing the world’s beauty — and yes, sharing it is a good thing.

  4. Thank you, Melinda. The recognition is nice, but the real pleasure is in creating the images — and having others see and enjoy them. Thanks for your support!

  5. The first is like the finger of God! also reminds me of the small dust/dirt devils we used to try and catch and be in as kids. very nice color there DD. I showed your work to one of my friends, we both agree you have some great talent

  6. Thanks, planetross! That second one looks like some weird tornado or something unnatural… or even a little creepy, huh?

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