Seaside Transformations

Heat Wave - 2011

There are days, in the afternoon especially, when the sand can burn your feet and the heat rises into your face.

Closer to the water the sand is damp and cooler. Looking down at the shells deposited along the waterline one can contemplate the spiral structure that is home to many creatures of the sea.

seashore snailshap

Seashore Snailshape -- 2011

10 Comments on “Seaside Transformations

  1. Thanks for your visit Katie! I Like the Snailshape, too.There’s lots of texture and line going on in there when you look close. Thanks again!

  2. wonderfully dynamic, both. especially the brush-like color and movement in “Heat Wave” and the detailed line and drawing feel of
    “Seashore Snailshape” which is also a very fun title

  3. This is quite intense–both images! You’ve really expressed that moment when one’s feet hit the sand and realized that it is not just warm, but hot. Love the pattern quality in the second one a lot. It holds attention for the larger compositional element and draws the viewer in to the complexity in the snail shape.

  4. Thanks tipota! Just try saying “Seashore Snailshape” quickly five times in a row! Ha! While the heat of the first is more emotive, the snailshape is a little more introspective… perhaps fitting?

  5. Hi Melinda,
    Yes, intense but in different ways. While you may not have the seashore where you are, I’m sure you have experienced that hot sand effect! As always, thank you for your kind comments. Good thoughts go your way!

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