Horizon Line

White Birds at Siesta Key

White Birds and the Sea - 2011

Looking out over the calm gulf waters at the distant horizon, the bands of colors across sky and sea are gently meditiative. Objects in the foreground may come unglued and seem to float. It can be worth a few minutes to let them.

A light at the end

A Light at the End - 2011

Where the Land and Water Meet

losing himself

Losing Himself -- 2011

The land and sea meet gently along Siesta Key on Florida’s Gulf coast. A wide expanse of white sand tapers gradually toward the water, and the water subtly deepens as one walks away from shore. And sometimes, land and sea intermix when heavy rain, or waves during a falling tide, leave channels in the sand where shallow pools linger until filled in by the tide once again.

These are two portraits of that shifting spot between land and sea, the first in the white heat of a summer afternoon, and the second in the quiet coolness of an early morning with the slanting sunlight illuminating a lone bird and the city in the distance.

feeding in the shallows

Feeding in the Shallows -- 2011

Soft Landing

The beach at Siesta Key

Siesta - 2011

The transition from island life to mainland life is underway. These images also suggest the beginnings of that transition reflected in my art. Nature has always been an inspiration, and that theme is carried forward here with the soft pastel interpretation of the famous white sand beach at Siesta Key, and in the colors of the morning sun slanting through the trees in a local park.

Of course, much of Florida is more urban than St. Croix; and the authentic quaintness and decay of the Caribbean is often imitated in quaint venues newly manufactured for tourist consumption. The visual evidence of authentic decay and disorder is different here — and sometimes is appalling, rather than appealing like the old ruins of the Caribbean. Awareness of these and other differences has only begun to gel, but likely will be reflected in some of the images to come.

Spanish moss in Arlington Park

Morning in the Park - 2011

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