The Cross

The old Kress building, Sarasota

Kress Building - 2011

The cross is one of humanity’s more ancient and ubiquitous symbols. An early interpretation was as a representation of the intersection between the divine (the vertical line) and the earthly (the horizontal line). In modern times this has been trivialized in our use of the cross on road signs to signify an intersection of roads ahead.

The cross has also represented the division of the world into four elements, the four cardinal points on the compass, man, and of course, the symbolism of the crucifiction associated with Christian religions around the world. While this last may be the most familiar (along with the common road sign), it is worth imagining the many other possible meanings when confronted with the image of a cross in unexpected places.

Repent Sarasota!

Repent Sarasota - 2011

8 Comments on “The Cross

  1. These images evoke strong emotions and many paths of thought to ponder. I’m liking the variation of the dark blue green at the top of the first image as it transitions to a lighter, halo effect near the top of the building. Then, of course, the sense of spirituality emanating from both the structure and the person in the second image. It must have been both meditative and troubling as you worked with the text juxtaposed with your own personal beliefs.

    It would be wonderful if we all could re-examine our connections to this symbol. Perhaps we could separate all that is no longer productive and embrace the more powerful effect of its intention: our primal connection to the universe, goodness and creativity, forgiveness and love that is not wrapped up in the perversion of inappropriate sentimentality or tribalism.

    It could happen.

  2. Thank you, Melinda. Your comment is very perceptive. I wanted to present these images, but the cross is a symbol so laden with emotion and meaning that there is risk of being misunderstood.

    How to be respectful, yet raise the issue of the many different meanings of the cross… and as you suggest, encourage separating those that are no longer productive from those that embrace the more powerful effect of its intention. The post just scratches the surface. It’s a rich subject. Thanks!

  3. Crosses are just crappy Xs … but I’d still put one on top of whatever I buried in the forest. hee hee!

  4. Hi planetross,
    And just what did you bury in the forest? Something that was once alive? Or is it the buried treasure marked with the crappy “X” on the pirate’s map?

  5. these are very moving, the words seem to emerge to give the entire presentation another dimension, i would have to say they are stunning literally. i picked up the kress/cross wordplay, i see the symbolism of “the cross” but it has a unique feature, it is not “of” but
    “includes” (inner clue) the power inherent in the meaning/recognition of that cross symbol. really brilliant work, don

  6. Oh, thank you so much, tipota. I sat on these for a while wondering whether to post them, and if so what I might say. I like it when the words and pictures intersect, but don’t really say the same things.

    I’ve been busy… will be over to visit your work soon. Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for taking this on Don! Your images often convey more than a thousand words….. and the cross, more than a thousand emotions….especially for me, as someone who once was blind…

    Glad to see you are well and working!

  8. Hi Robin! Thanks for visiting! I especially like the one of the Kress building at the top. Yes, so many words and feelings… and so much potential to be misunderstood or offend. Thanks again!

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