The two old Danish forts on St. Croix — one in Christiansted and the other in Frederiksted — were defended by cannons aimed seaward. The irony is that the real threat to the planter’s culture of that era came from the land in the form of the changing economics of the sugar trade, the end of slavery, and rebellions by workers against the oppressive conditions they endured.

I’m not sure if the cannons were ever fired, but many of them have now found their way to emplacements around the island where they are mounted barrel down on street corners and elsewhere to act as guardrails or barriers. This one, however, was placed into the rock at the ocean’s edge where the salt water and air is taking its toll on the old iron. It’s purpose is a mystery.

Just a few feet away from this relic of the past is a much larger relic of the future, the new clock tower built in the renovated plaza that greets cruise ship passengers as they disembark. On the rocks below the plaza were a pair of jeans and shirt with no owner visible in the water or elsewhere nearby. Perhaps he simply melted away, or even scampered away nude.

Where'd he go?

Where'd he go?

6 Comments on “Emplacement

  1. That first shot has such nice colours (secondary complimentaries if I’m mistaken). Terra cotta and aqua go so well tegther. The old cannon almost looks like an old terra cotta amphora.

    The jeans and shirt probably belonged to a snowbird who just melted away.

  2. I thought the first photo was an urn originally, but now that I know it’s a cannon … it still reminds me of an urn.

    You are getting creative with the labelling of photos: “pants”.
    hee hee!

    There seems to be a lot of clothing and shoes abandoned on the roads in Japan. It’s always a mystery to me.

  3. razzbuffnik – Thanks! It was a very odd scene with the intensely rusty cannon rising up out of the stone. Summertime here, so you are probably right about the snowbird.

    planetross – A very tall urn! You can tell I’m trying harder with those labels… really, what is it with the abandoned clothes? So do you see under-clothed people running or bicycling down the roads, or are they just hiding in the ditch waiting to jump out in their underwear?

    Pat, Funny! But I think they were male pants…

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