Friends - 2009

I promised Pat Coakley my next post would be something a little nicer, after the spooky “Green Ghoul” posted for Halloween.

These two women were clearly friends, and I hope their friendship and humanity come through.

11 Comments on “Friends

  1. beautiful composition and colors, with just the right clarity/ambiguity to evoke
    the feeling. the gestures of the two figures intertwined as if one.

  2. These two dear ladies, connected by each others hat shadows- I could look at this piece for a very long time and want to look some more.
    The warm colors are so complimentary and yet so distinct from each other.

    It’s a beauty Don.

    I’d love to paint it…. really.

  3. I can’t add anything that the other comments haven’t expressed: it’s a great image.

    … I don’t want to paint it like Bonnie does though.

  4. Thank you, all. Am travelling in Florida this week, so am a little slow to respond. The land is veryt flat here, and I think it may also affect the affect, if you know what I mean.

    razzbuffnik, while this looks like a pretty straight shot, you wouldn’t believe how I struggled to get those tones right. Thanks!

    tipota, “intertwined as if one” … what a beautiful repsonse to this. Thank you!

    Bonnie, indeed this is one of my favorites, even though it was a struggle (or perhaps because). Please, feel free to paint, I’d love to see your interpretation!

    planetross, and your interpretation, too. Not that I expect you to paint like Bonnie… Thanks!

  5. Late to this party, so sorry, but this is sorta spectacular, Don…ye who travels on flat plains in Florida.

  6. Don, wonderful splashes of sun through their hats and on to their skin; friends? it seems they are very close, perhaps even sisters:) beautiful work. r.

  7. Thanks, rahina. I tried very hard to retain the sunlight filtered through the hats while still softening the image in other ways to strengthen the feeling of closeness. Sisters? Maybe…

    Jala, thanks! This one was a long time coming, and your comment suggests it hit the right mark.

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