Carbon Seam and Palm Lights

Carbon Seam - 2009

Carbon Seam - 2009

The dead trunk of a palm plant washed up on the shore. At one end was the tangle of roots joined to the base of the trunk. At the other, the spiraled remains of where the living palm fronds had been attached subtly tailed off into fibrous strands. These two semi-abstracts are interpretations of each end of this single object that had washed ashore.

Palm Lights  - 2009

Palm Lights - 2009

5 Comments on “Carbon Seam and Palm Lights

  1. very nice.
    the second image looks like an ostrich’s foot … or what I think an ostrich’s foot would look like.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments rahina!

    And thank you planetross. I guess we are back to the rohrschach images? I can see an ostrich foot here, complete with feathers… or maybe one of those little dogs whose feet are covered with long hair that looks like feathers?

  3. Amazing to think that such different images came from the same object. The first looks as though it is rock and the second looks metalic.

    Are you using one of those wacom pads or something like it?

  4. Hi razzbuffnik, different in texture and color… Yes, I use a wacom graphics tablet. I’d go crazy trying to do these with a mouse!

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