Not from here?

Visitation - 2009

Visitation - 2009

I thought this was a good image to follow the “feral feline” in the previous post. The woman was giving me a similar look, like if I stepped another foot closer, she’d bolt. Good they are taking comfort in the familiarity of a waffle cone and sweet ice cream.

I don’t recognize this couple. Likely tourists. There are always clues, some of which are unique to each locale. In this case, the man’s socks (to match the shirt, no less) with shorts and sandals stand out. Unusual here, but he probably can’t imagine not wearing them. How do you identify tourists in your hometown?

7 Comments on “Not from here?

  1. Although her facial expression could just as easily be found here at Public Safety or Plaza Extra.
    You’ve turned your observant eye towards people. I see a new direction/series/avenues coming up.
    Nothing like a new camera to set the pace.

    We all like people watching. I’ll be looking for more of these.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. Well said from an expert figurative painter.
    I’m not sure how sharp a turn in direction I’ll be taking, but there does seem to be some expansion in subjects of interest to me. It’s all part of the process of learning and experimentation that makes this endeavor so interesting and satisfying!

  3. Great image. I’m reminded of the painting, “American Gothic”, but then again, with the socks and sandles, it could be “German Gothic”.

  4. I had a “older” boyfriend once who my family made fun of constantly. In the summertime, it was especially brutal going. He wore socks AND tie shoes with shorts! Oh, it was a rocky period but I finally saw the light and moved on! Sartorial splendor has never been in the checklist of must haves for me so I probably moved on to someone with madras pants!

    Don, on the left hand side of this feline woman, (honestly, you are such a gentle man why would cats and women look at you this way??)…anyway, is that her arm/hand or is she sitting on someone’s lap?

    I was so surprised to see people in one of your pieces, or at least portrait like people. You’ve had them in your city shots, though!

  5. Hi Razzbuffnik! Been following your travels. I’m jealous. Yes, 21st century American chic, really. Thanks for your comment!

    Pat, were madras pants ever really in? I remember thinking they were odd, even when they were in vogue. It’s hilarious to think of this lady sitting on someone’s lap – so out of character! No, that’s just a bit of the bench color that got out of place a bit running up her thigh. I’m not doing a u-turn with people, but there will be a few more coming from time to time… its the “Fauna” series.

  6. That women reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady on Saturday Night Live.
    Tourists in my city are usually very well dressed … compared to the locals.
    … probably because they are going to a wedding or funeral.

  7. Funny, planetross… Tourist behavior is interesting to watch. At the cruise ship dock here I have been mistaken for a tourist (perhaps I need to dress down a bit more), and solicited for cab rides. A friend says he brings his dog along to this area to signal his status as someone who lives here. Personal semiphores.

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