Per Ankh Performance

Per Ankh Performer - 2009

Per Ankh Performer - 2009

A local group called the Per Ankh Institute puts on cultural heritage drumming and dancing performances. This woman is one of the performers. Her regal posture and smile, and her instrument covered with hundreds of cowrie shells all spoke of pride in her heritage.

The occasion was the arrival of a cruise ship, and the image below shows some of the watchers. The tall woman in white with the camera is one of the Per Ankh troupe. The young girl sitting next to her is a local resident. The others are a few of the cruise ship passengers taking a short break in the shade of the palms to be entertained.

The Watchers - 2009

The Watchers - 2009

15 Comments on “Per Ankh Performance

  1. I reaqlly like what you’ve done with the background of the first shot.

    The second shot should be called “the weight watchers”.

  2. Thanks, planetross!

    Thanks, razzbuffnik. Yes, i like the background, too… it originally was a stone wall. Weight-watchers, for sure (wish I’d thought of that!). The ship came from Puerto Rico. It’s that hearty Puerto Rican food, I think.

  3. I wanted to say something about the background, but I couldn’t put it into words. It makes everything 3D…ish.

    I thought the same thing about the second shot, but left that one out.

  4. Hey! No cracks about weightwatchers!! We dress colorfully with mid rise pants! Just be glad they didn’t bend over!

  5. Greetings:
    It is an honor to have artist par excellence Donald Diddams capture me, Dr. ChenzirRa Kahina, the Managing Director of Per Ankh Institute & Neteru Ankhsamble in the first picture and our god-daughter and grand-daughter along with “The Watchers” in the second picture during our VI Department of Tourism sponsored performance of culture, heritage, education, inspiration and spiritual upliftment at the Frederiksted Clocktower on September 19th 2009. The combination of the joy shared in this picture exuded throughout the Society of Caribbean Artists (SOCA) celebration happening in Freedom City-Frederiksted, St. Croix VI on the same day! The energy was so lovely and engaging that I couldn’t help but express joy as exemplified in the smile you see spreading across my face while playing the Afrakan shakare.
    On behalf of Per Ankh, we await a time to thank you in person, Mr. Diddams, for sharing our joy in such a blessed and positive artistic visualization and digital expression! Dwa (thanks!)

  6. Hey planetross, no problem! I often forget what I was going to say once I get started…

    Well, Pat, I guess razzbuffnik and I both owe you an apology! Colorful and mid-rise is good. Thanks for checking in!

    Dr. ChenziRa, thanks so much for your comment. It was a lovely day, and the Ankhsamble always does a great job. I will hang around long enough to introduce myself next time!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous image. Love the textures and color of the background and foreground and how they make the white of the dress glow in the sunlight. Such positive words from Dr. ChenziRa.

  8. Don, you’ve done such a stunning job in portraying the joyous celebratory mood of the day.
    Your gift seems to lie in the ability to turn a flat image into something painterly, personal and very complex.

    With good reason, your work is resonating deeply on this island.

  9. Catherine, thank you so much! Nice that Dr. ChenziRa liked it as well.

    Well Bonnie, such a nice comment, what can I say but “thank you”.

  10. gorgeous. i thought of corot for some reason with the top one, and then gaugin for another with the next one. the colors are magnificent. i love the color and precise lines of the brown/ochre wood and dark ties of the drum. the piece of fabric is on fire. her shape delicately connected to the air and space around her.
    magnificent paintings, pushes the art from kindergarten to the classic timeless. hooray! i am so so glad to see this work. its really painting at its best imo

  11. tipota, thanks so much for your comment. I did want her to emerge out of that stone wall behind her, “delicately connected to the air and space around her” yet still of the earth. You say it so well.

  12. The “young girl” is me and I’m from NJ
    but it was a good performance and great pic.

  13. Kala, you have taught me another valuable lesson about making assumptions! You looked so relaxed and comfortable sitting there, I assumed you were “at home” — and perhaps even familiar with the performers. I hope you enjoyed your visit to St. Croix. And thanks so much for writing!

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