A Mango-Tangle of Colors

The abstract images below started as photographs of one large mango and six small ones.

The first image is more or less the original mango colors. Stored sunshine. The other two emerged as I was working with the image. For me — even though there is little or no content to the images — they each evoke a different reaction and different feelings. While I have a favorite, looking at the three together raises a question.

“I like art that makes me smile,” I’ve been told. Many people do, and many also don’t like — and don’t respond to — art that evokes less positive emotions. But does that make it any less valid?

Mango 1

Mango 1

Mango 2

Mango 2

Mango 3

Mango 3

9 Comments on “A Mango-Tangle of Colors

  1. I’ll have mango #3, please! So interesting to see the tryiptych. You should put them all three next to one another preferably in a gallery where someone can come and buy them!!

  2. Thanks, Pat! So door number 3? As soon as I had them all up on my screen side by side, I saw the potential for a triptych. Good idea! Now I need to figure out how to tie them together into a single piece.

  3. These beauties look almost like X-rays of fruits as if swallowed whole by some over eager mango eater at the Melee.

    What appeals to me is the overlayed transparencies you’ve achieved. I love what it does to the colors.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    The last two especially look like X-rays, although there were times I also thought they were big fat ticks, like those we used to pull off the dog in the spring up north.
    The overlays are what did the trick here. That and a little “fine tuning” of the colors. Thanks!

  5. I like the middle one.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, because no offense is intended, but it reminds me of a photomicrogrph of a louse.

  6. Thanks for your comment, razzbuffnik, and no offense taken. As I told Bonnie, they reminded me a bit of an engorged tick… equally disgusting. Not everything can be sweetness and light!

  7. I like #3 the best: like a fly looking at another fly … or a macabre Mickey Mouse … or a … I think I failed this Rorschach test.

    #2 looks like an x-ray of someones skull or lungs … not mine, someone healthy.

    #1 looks sexual somehow … maybe it’s the pubies on the top. hee hee!
    did I just say that?

  8. Well planetross, my favorite of your interpretations is the “macabre Mickey Mouse” followed closely by the “pubies at the top”. I don’t think you failed the Rorschach at all — just revealed perhaps more than you wanted to! Thanks for stopping by to brighten my day!

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