Fish Lips

Fish for Dinner? -- 2009

Fish for Dinner? -- 2009

I saw these guys on ice in an open air market in New York last year, and finally got around to working with the image. I don’t know what kind of fish they are, but it’s clear they’d been giving the passers-by a lot of lip.

8 Comments on “Fish Lips

  1. I love this one. The top 1/8th of the frame looks impressionistic and then fades into photo realistic. It looks great. The colors work well together too — but you always seem to nail the colors so I’m nit saying anything new. How would this one look printed 24×36 and hanging in your front hallway?

  2. They look so sad and disturbing. Those lips almost look human and the eye looks accusingly, as though to say, “what have you done?”

    The overall feeling of the picture is quite surreal.

  3. I’m with razzbuffnik on this one.

    I’d have to gouge out the eyeballs … and not be listening to The Rolling Stones before I ate one of the those.

  4. Thanks, Dave. I like this one, too. I’m not sure though, if I had a big one hanging in the front hall, it might scare the visitors away. Come to think of it, maybe not all bad!

    Razzbuffnik, it was those lips that really “spoke” to me. It was my intent for it to be a bit disturbing (rather than appetizing), so perhaps i succeeded. Thanks!

    What, planetross? You who eat squid on a stick with abandon??

  5. Hi Donald
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy the opportunity of meeting new artists and looking at new work. Quite an interesting piece, this one. I don’t find it sad…to me it is more attitude. A very strong image that could say that nature prevails. I enjoyed looking at several other pieces as well. I love the architecture and city scenes.
    People who genuinely love art and images aren’t such purists that they can’t accept digital artwork. Your images are amazing, and someone who isn’t an artist couldn’t do them. But yes, digital art has a ways to go. Just think: Ansel Adams had the same camera as everyone else.

  6. Catherine,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I think the resistance to digital media among the traditionalists is softening. One problem with digital art is that it is relatively easy to learn how to do mediocre work. In other words, the skill-barrier to entry is low, compared to most more traditional media. Plus, so much of the work being done is directed at or inspired by the computer game industry (a genre unto itself).
    In any case, I really appreciate your comment and compliment!

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