Locked Out/In

Locked Out/In - 2009

Locked Out/In - 2009

The ambiguity of a locked door… Which side is out and which in? Am I locked out to protect what is in, or locked into my world. Or is what is on the other side locked out to protect and keep safe what is on this side? There must be something important behind that door, but I’m not sure I want to let it out… or to get in. Do you?

6 Comments on “Locked Out/In

  1. The barrel distortion makes it look like there’s something behind the door just bursting to get out. It also reminds me of the computer game Riven.

  2. The premise of one mans’ ceiling being another mans’ floor.
    I’d rather be locked out than locked in.
    It did remind me of the Hulk in it’s expanding perspective.

    And that touch of bright blue sky in the upper left gave a hint at the freedom that awaits when not being locked in.

    Maybe send this to Gitmo.

  3. And whatever is locked in there, ready to burst out, had just better stay there! You’re right, Bonnie, that touch of blue and touch of green at the top are a hint of what’s “outside”.

  4. Now, I just like this! I’m not thinking door or what’s behind it or trying to get out or even that it’s menacing. Of course, my nerve endings are so damn shot that I’m probably missing lots of things. but as an image catching my attention: 100%!

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