Chocolate Fruit, the Black Sapote

Black Sapote - 2009

Black Sapote - 2009

A ripe black sapote turns a dark geenish brown, and feels soft underneath the thin leathery skin. Sometimes called the “chocolate fruit”, it doesn’t look appetizing, even when cut open exposing the black-brown custard like interior. But taste it. Looks can be deceiving, and expanding one’s concept of what is edible is rewarding.

In fact, after witnessing the making of a sausage or a bag of Cheetos, I bet you’d much rather eat a black sapote.

6 Comments on “Chocolate Fruit, the Black Sapote

  1. Now, I was with ya till you got to “Cheetos”, a personal fav. Curly crispy kind, though, not those orange airballs! I don’t think I’m eating a black sapote though. Maybe blindfolded? A culinary spin the bottle for seniors?

  2. So sorry to insult a favorite snack! I have a few of my own that I’d rather not see being made, too. I like the idea of a “culinary spin the bottle”. Sounds like a good party game, huh?

  3. I really like this fruit series Don. First, the fruits you choose are unusual to start, but the gauzy, mystical appearance you’ve given them makes them even more exotic and tropical looking.

    We make smoothies from Black Sapote after freezing them. If you blend them thickly enough and then freeze the whole thing, it’s like a Fudgsicle. ( spell check just went Doink?)

  4. Thanks. Bonnie! The colors and textures of these fruits are so interesting. I have a couple versions of the sugar apple, but could do better, so maybe that’s next.
    Now, a black sapote smoothy sounds pretty good!

  5. Hi Jala,
    The inside is soft and custard-like, sweet and sort of nutty flavored. Some people say it tastes like chocolate, especially when blended with milk or ice cream, but I’m not so sure… Still, it’s pretty good.

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