Attack of the Blue Feather

A feather was lying along the path through the woods. It was large and beautiful, and had belonged to one of the birds that lived there in the trees.

When I brought it to the City I quickly learned it did not belong here.

You can see what happened and the message it left.

Attack of the Blue Feather
Attack of the Blue Feather
Millionaire Condos
Fiery Pillars of Wealth
Just Stop!
Just Stop… and Breathe

2 Comments on “Attack of the Blue Feather

  1. When I saw the title “Attack of the Blue Feather” I couldn’t imagine what the image would be. Quite a surprise!
    And I love the message of “Stop and Breathe.” That image should be everywhere.
    But, oh wow! “Fiery Pillars of Wealth” is gorgeous! Just stunning.
    You continue to amaze.

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