Naturally Abstract

The veins in the leaves and the thicket of plants at the water’s edge.

The moss swaying in the wind, the curve of the roots and the space beneath them.

Even the lowly weed that like a tree camouflages the urban infrastructure.

These natural abstractions help me connect to the natural world in ways I might otherwise miss.

Veins and the Light

Thicket at the Water’s Edge
Spanish Moss Swaying in the Wind

Veins in the Leaves Like Branches in a Tree
Roots and the Spaces Between
Weed like a Tree

4 Comments on “Naturally Abstract

  1. Absolutely exquisite. Bravo for imagination and fulfillment.


  2. May I ask if your work is done with photography and paint? I am fascinated Hope Black

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. HI Hope,

    Of course you can ask!

    Every image starts with a photograph I’ve taken that I then modify with Photoshop or similar digital program. I often use digital “brushes” (among other tools) in my work because they can give the final image a more painterly look. The tools available today are truly amazing… and I only use a few of them!


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